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Using Tandem Since 2007
Liz Wiggins
Assistant to the Superintendent
Liz has been with Cascade Christian Schools over 10 years.

Wanting an easier scheduling process

We have multiple calendars and then we have the district master calendar. Each campus assistant would build her campus calendar and they would send that calendar to me to bring all the calendars together into one and that would be the master calendar. There was lots of conflict and it would take literally months to build the master calendar. We would have the framework, the dates, the holidays set up around February, is when we start doing that process, but then the building around that of the concerts and the sports and all those different things wouldn't happen sometimes until August or September because there was so many pieces to try and bring together. With everything that you can find on the internet, there's got to be a way to do a better calendar.

I've heard some rumbling about a system that Bellevue is using that might be just what we're looking for because their A.D. just raves about the calendar. Then we started pushing aside and weaving through the various options that we had and Tandem just kept shifting to the surface.

Getting great value from Tandem's features

"Our parents loves that it interfaces with Outlook or whatever their calendar is."

Our parents loves that it interfaces with Outlook or whatever their calendar is. That's one of my boss' favorite features. They love that it's linked to our website, to their sports pages with the RSS and they love that they can import the various practice dates and whatever event they're looking at, they can get that right on their systems at home or at work or on their phones.

The texting feature, that was something that one of our parents asked about ... and parents love that they can filter by a sport, by a special event, by their campus or they have the ability to see what's happening across the district. I think it gives them independence. We don't have nearly as many calls from people asking for directions because when we answer a call we say, "Hold on, let me turn to my computer, I'll pull it up. You can do this too."

Our students also use the calendars. It helps them to schedule as well. We have lots of people that want to have information the way they want it and Tandem for Schools allows us to have that.

"One of the features we love is service. We always get quick response for service."

One of the features we love is service. We always get quick response for service. The actual training of someone on how to use calendar doesn't take very long at all because it is very intuitive. It works the way your mind wants it to.

On printed calendars, we are probably saving money because we're not printing calendars as much as we used to. The value that we're getting from Tandem for Schools is excellent. We're really proud to be front-runners with the calendar and the features that make it so user-friendly for schools.