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Creative Tips from the Associated Press for Optimizing Print/Ink Resources

One of Tandem for Schools proven cost saving benefits for school districts across the country remains its inherent ability to eliminate the need for printing paper calendars.  From a business operations standpoint, the Tandem Team from Intand strives to go as paperless as possible as well.  However, they too understand the unavoidable expenditures associated with occasionally printing various documents.  It’s probably safe to assume that no business or school could entirely avoid printing altogether.

When printing is necessary, as an Associated Press article that reached a plethora of mainstream media outlets this week wisely pointed out, why not optimize all the intangibles to work in your cost saving favor?  As the article’s title clearly suggests: Here’s a legal way to print money: change the font, the main premise is for schools and businesses to reformat documents heading for print to font styles that require less ink.  Prolong the life of a disposable resource; what a brilliant idea!

This poses the question: just as we—i.e. most of us—naturally know to turn off the lights and adjust the temperature accordingly when leaving a room or building, why not continually look for other creative ways to optimize disposable (and non disposable) resources, and begin to save in ways that are not so obvious?

For other creative solutions regarding resource optimization, cost savings, and ROI particularly for school districts, someone from the Tandem Team is standing by to meet with you and demo the new Tandem for Schools Facility Rental module, released April 2, 2010.