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Customize your Tandem Event Wizard

Each organization is unique in their various scheduling needs. With that in mind our latest update will to allow you to customize the Event Wizard to better suit your needs.  You will now be able to move fields around, simply move your mouse over the handle on the left side of a field, then click and hold to drag it elsewhere on the form.  Hide fields that you never use into the collapsed “More Options” area and move others that you use more frequently out of the collapsed part of the wizard.  We hope this helps you tailor Tandem in ways that work best with your organization and team.

Overview – Tandem Pages

A page is a calendar landing page with a custom set of events that you define by using your locations, tags, groups, or equipment. Pages display events that are already on your calendar.

Examples: sports schedules, group events, yearly calendars, or any custom list of events you want to create.

Anyone viewing a Page online can sign up to “Get Updates” (via email or text messages) when events are added, updated, canceled, or rescheduled.

Creating a Page is simple. Using your custom groups, locations, or tags, simply select what you wish to display, add a title for your Page, and click “create”. Tandem will create custom landing page, and website url, so your page can be shared.

All of your pages will be listed in the Pages area, and each Page can be integrated into your website.

Pages can be displayed publicly on the web or privately to your internal team.

Pages are a part of all paid Tandem accounts. Accounts on our free version are able to create 1 Page.

Note: Pages replaces our previous “Reports” experience.

We are so excited to see what type of Pages you create!