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Customize your Tandem Event Wizard

Each organization is unique in their various scheduling needs. With that in mind our latest update will to allow you to customize the Event Wizard to better suit your needs.  You will now be able to move fields around, simply move your mouse over the handle on the left side of a field, then click and hold to drag it elsewhere on the form.  Hide fields that you never use into the collapsed “More Options” area and move others that you use more frequently out of the collapsed part of the wizard.  We hope this helps you tailor Tandem in ways that work best with your organization and team.

A new, new website!

Hey everyone in Tandem schedule-land. We’ve recently updated our site with more information about what Tandem does, along with some case studies of some of our current Tandem users. We’ve simplified the signup process for both school administrators, and for parents and students looking for their school’s Tandem schedule.

We hope this makes it easier to learn more about what Tandem does, and easier for our current and future users to sign in from our website.

Enjoy the Spring!

Coming soon to a calendar near you

No blog posts since January?

What happens when a technology company goes silent for a few months? A lot can happen. Some good, some not so good.

So, what’s happening here at Tandem? A lot.

Over the past year, our team at Tandem has taken a really hard look at what the world of schools, school districts and universities need when it comes to a scheduling application.  We’ve proactively reached out to over 1000 schools to find out what’s working, what’s not working and what they need next from Tandem.

And then, we got to work.

The long haul is almost over. We have some awesome announcements, features and updates to send your way soon.

We congratulate every school and university on the close of another year. Just know that when the next year starts in Sept, you are going to love Tandem that much more.

More updates soon!

New UI Overview

Here is a quick overview of where your new features in Tandem are now located with the new UI. We hope that you find that these improvements are beneficial.

Tandem Updates

We love to hear from our customers about how we can improve Tandem and have recently spent some time implementing the requested changes. Here are just a few features that we have recently added to your favorite school event calendar:

1. Copied events can now be marked as tentative or cancelled

2. The day of the week can now be added to event details (i.e. Monday, Tuesday, etc…)

3. An “Event Status” column has been added to indicate either “Active”, “Cancelled”, or “Tentative”. This applies to imported events as well

4. Spell check has been added to the description and notes fields

5. Increase the speed of calendars with a lot of event action history

6. The drop down box for selecting an event time now appears above the textbox instead of below for certain fields

Thank you to everyone for submitting requests!