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Tandem Mentioned by Microsoft

Tandem was recently mentioned on Get to the Point, a Microsoft Office SharePoint blog:

Personally, one of my favorite features that was added to the district portal and individual school home pages is the Tandem online calendar. This is a district-wide calendar that allows parents to track school events for their kids, even if they attend different schools within the district. A great feature is the ability to register on the site and customize the settings for the calendar so that only schools and events I am interested in tracking will show up in a personalized view of the calendar. Each school Web site automatically shows a filtered view of the main calendar, displaying only events my boys are involved in and taking place at their individual schools. An added bonus is that I can subscribe to an RSS feed for the calendar. Any event changes for the school(s) will automatically show up in my RSS feed reader.

Thanks for the compliments Chris… it has been really great to work with the team at Lake Washington. Laurie is fantastic. We hope the rest of the parents and staff love it as much as you do. Your sentiments echo what we hear from all of the school districts across more than 40 states that are using Tandem to help manage their district, run their schools and engage their communities. More to come from Intand, just around the corner… stay tuned!

Bryan Otis
President / Co – Founder

Intand in Seattle Business Monthly

It’s just a little snippet, but it’s fun to get press. More to come, for sure.