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Intand Has A New Home!

For everyone here at Intand, the last few months have been a whirlwind. As our company continues to grow and expand our offerings, we have gradually outgrown our space. To maintain our service, we needed a larger space to call home.

For two months, we slowly packed up our belongings, sifting through memories as we entered a new chapter in the Intand journey. Finally, the last week of May, we had everything ready. Thankfully, our new office is only a few miles away from the old office. Being close made it very easy for us transport everything to the new location. We hired some day workers to help with the move and they helped our moving team get everything into the new location.

Beforehand the floor plan was made, and the offices were allocated for each team member. The Support team is sharing an office with a view of the beautiful Mount Rainier. Next to them is the development team. They are sharing an office close to the conference room and on the other side of the conference room there is the sales bullpen. This is the loudest room in the building. Four sales representatives talking to our current customers and potential customers creates a very lively atmosphere.

The offices are rounded out by our COO Sherri Bealkowski keeping everyone organized and Bryan and Diane in the back corner creating and completing our visions of grandeur.

One of the greatest parts of our new office space is the lunch area. We are now blessed with a completely open lunch seating area where we can enjoy our pizza Thursday’s, bounce ideas off of our development team and we have ample wall space for white boards – the universal key to company innovation.

Take a look at some of the photos of our team putting together some cubicles and moving Intand to our new home!