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Schools Wrestle With Fuel Costs

Webster County Schools in Providence, KY are taking a long, hard look at their fuel costs. A recent article in the Journal Enterprise highlights what may be increasingly to come for many school districts: budget cuts for because of vastly higher fuel prices.

In this case, the district is increasing per mile costs for transportation. This will effect everyone: students, families and staff. And some educational opportunities will fall by wayside. Schools and families alike are feeling the squeeze as fuel costs cut into food budgets, etc.

Passing on higher costs to staff and parents is one answer, and it might be inevitable. But creating more efficiency at the administrative level can likely help significantly.

Tandem for Schools provides tools that may loosen the pinch on higher fuel costs at your school/district.

To help you manage costs and create efficiencies, Tandem offers:

  • Sophisticated transportation allocation
  • Full-featured budget management
  • Pre-trip costing to help you plan field trips and sports away trips

Also, Tandem will vastly improve your ability manage the big picture of your calendar planning, helping you plan more efficient trips and consolidate travel.

We can personally show you the great features of Tandem for Schools. All it takes is 15-20 minutes of your time, and a strong desire to make your trip and calendar planning easier for your school or district.

Or call us at 1.866.685.3449. We’d be happy to help you learn how Tandem can really help save fuel costs… and make your job easier.

School… Right Around the Corner

It’s already mid-summer and in no time, kids will be coming back to school. Events and activities will again fill the schedule.  Do the tools you currently have make it easy to manage your event and calendar planning?  If not, Tandem for Schools may be just what you are looking for.

Here are some clear benefits:

Organize – Tandem will help you keep all of your activities and events straight from a central calendar using any web-browser.

Communicate – Tandem will help your entire school community stay informed.  Parents that are registered users of the calendar can choose the events they want to keep update on.  If events change or get cancelled, they receive immediate notification.  No more onslaught of phone calls into your office when a game gets cancelled.

Streamline – Because all your events get entered into one database, there is no more need to keep multiple calendars.  And when you add events, Tandem’s conflict checking features will give you the peace of mind that there won’t double-booking of facilities or events.

We’d like to help make your job easier.  Find out how by contacting us for a in-depth walk-through of Tandem for Schools.  One of our representatives will spend 15-20 minutes reviewing all the main features over the web with you.

Click here to scheule a demo now…

A Complete Scheduling Solution

Hello all, my name is Darin and I’m a part of the Intand Sales Team.  Prior to joining Intand, I was on staff at the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association (WIAA), also known as the governing body for high school sports and activities in Washington.  One of the major areas that the WIAA office emphasized was the member schools sending in their athletic schedules and scores.  Often this was a time-consuming task because most of that information had to be collected and organized by an already-busy athletic administrator or secretary.  This is where Tandem can help you.

With Tandem you can create “Schedules” that essentially search your database of information for any area you want.  You can search for groups, teams, facilities and schools in less than 15 seconds.

Plus the schedules automatically update themselves when you make a change or edit to your main Tandem calendar.  OK, so this is related to my WIAA story because, in less than 15 seconds, you can create your 2008 Varsity Volleyball schedule and export that data to a .CSV file (which is readable by Microsoft Excel).  Now all you have to do is email your 2008 Varsity Volleyball schedule to your state activities office.  It’s that quick.

And, what’s more, you can create an unlimited amount of schedules in your Tandem calendar.  So just imagine that you have all your sports teams schedules, band practice schedule and gymnasium schedule all ready at the click of a mouse!

Best of all, extensive technological knowledge is not required to use Tandem.  Our tool was created by school administrators and they know what it takes to make navigating the system a breeze.

For more quick tips and Tandem product information, let me or any of my co-workers know if we can be of more assistance.  You can reach us at 866-685-3449.   And be sure to check out our support area too.  You’ll find tutorials, videos and other posts there that you will find helpful.

Enjoy your summer!