How To: Import Your Events into Tandem

When you first begun to use Tandem, you are likely going to want to transfer old events from your previous system into Tandem. You can easily do this using our import events feature built within Tandem. To begin, you will need to export your events from your previous system into a CSV file. This is a very common file as it is a very simple Excel file. After you have this file, we recommend you download the import template that we provide to you within Tandem.


The example file that you have now downloaded includes all of the possible fields for an event within Tandem. The ones that are necessary are properly marked and the ones that are optional are also available. At this point, you will want to modify the events you exported from your previous system to have the same headers (titles) as the example file has.

Once this is done, you are able to import your modified events into Tandem. The system will then automatically alert you to any errors.

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